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I’m going to cut to the chase here and make an outrageous statement:


Now I’m not saying you do, I’m saying that this is what I believe.

You, see, all the anatomy pictures of the penis look something like this:

And it’s clear that, in this anatomy picture, the penis, if it filled with blood, would be the size of a porn star’s.

Of course, it’s obvious that more than half the penis in this picture is stuck inside the body. We’ll get to that point later.

The most important thing to establish right now, is for you to check for yourself whether my outrageous statement might possibly be true for you…

Whether it could be that your penis is just like the one in the anatomy picture above, with some of it outside your body and another big part of it inside your body.

To find out, all you need to do is feel around behind your balls and see how far the inner part of your penis stretches back inside you.

Am I right in saying you already have a lot of penis?

I’ll bet it’s more than 10 inches if you add the length of the outer part of your penis to the length of the inner part?

If it is, I think it’s very much in your best interest to keep reading this letter.

If it’s not, and you don’t have any ‘inner penis’ stretching back into your body, then there’ll be nothing on this website that’s relevant to you.

But if you’re excited by what you’ve just discovered, keep reading!

Leonardo Da Vinci recognised that the human body seems to be designed in fixed proportions, as immortalised in his drawings of the Vitruvian Man:

Yet, if humans are supposed to be in fixed proportions, then how is it that some penises are multiple times bigger in volume than others?

After all, we all have roughly the same length arms, legs, torsos, and pretty similar size heads…

But we don’t have the same sized penises – there are vast differences in length and girth from one man to the next.

So, either some men are unlucky, or there’s a better explanation.

And I believe there’s a better explanation.

Penis enlargement surgery has existed for many years. The doctors cut the ligaments below the inner part of the penis to allow it emerge to the outside:

So it’s clear that, scientifically, it’s accepted that it’s possible to release more of the inner part of the penis to the outside.

But the big question is… could it be done without surgery?

And that’s what I set out to investigate 16 years ago…

I stumbled onto this research completely by accident, when I was doing something completely different.

After many years of partying, my body was in a pretty bad state at the age of 30.

In an effort to become healthy, I’d started doing Yoga, and it was great for releasing the tension I’d accumulated in my body.

But there was another part of my body that Yoga couldn’t release tension from.

You see, I’d realised my facial structure out of alignment, and a big part of the problem seemed to be that I’d had 4 teeth removed as a teenager.

And then I had braces to close the gaps.

So, right at the time my face was supposed to be growing outwards, it had been ‘clamped’ closed.

Pressure was put on my mouth area, which may have had the effect of preventing my face growing to its full potential.

And I could now see how this might be affecting my whole facial structure.

Because, now that I was doing Yoga, my body was releasing loads of tension and becoming more symmetrical, but nothing was changing around my head, neck, face and jaw.

And as a result, I felt really shaky and ungrounded – like there was all this energy stuck up in my head that I needed to release.

But I couldn’t release this with Yoga – probably because it was invented 2,000 years ago, long before orthodontics emerged.

Thus, if Yoga couldn’t help me, I didn’t know what could.

So I prayed, with these exact words, for a solution.

Amazingly, the answer was instant.

A burst of energy moved up through me from the ground, and, when it got to my neck, instead of moving up into my head, it seemed to hit a blockage and move into my right shoulder.

And then, without me doing anything, my right arm moved in a Figure 8 motion, and I felt a very gentle release of tension, just like I’d experienced so many times as part of my Yoga classes.

It felt wonderful, and I knew I needed to feel that release all over my body.

So I started moving all my body parts in Figure 8 motions – my wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.

And then I wondered if I could use the Figure 8s to release tension in my head.

And it worked – every time I moved my head in the Figure 8 motion, I could feel tiny shifts around my skull as tension released.

I’d previously thought of the skull as one big bone, but now I researched the anatomy of the skull. And once again, what I discovered astonished me, for the skull isn’t one bone at all but is actually made up of 29 smaller bones, as shown in this illustration:

And here are the muscles around the head, neck, face and jaw:

So it seemed I was moving the muscles of the head, neck, face and jaw very gently in the Figure 8 motion, and this was doing similar for me that the Yoga had been doing in terms of releasing tension from the rest of the body.

And it felt like it was positively affecting my body structure, which made sense to me… because if the head could shift into a slightly better position on top of the body, then there would be less tension needed in the body to support it.

So, excitedly, I continued my experiment with the Figure 8s…

But then disaster struck:

I’d noticed my erections getting a little weaker, but one day they disappeared completely.

I was gutted, and knew it had to be because of the Figure 8s.

But I quickly had a brainwave.

And at this point my penis was the only part of my body I hadn’t used the Figure 8s on.

So I held the base of my penis with my left hand, and took the head of my penis in my left hand,

And I began to move the head in a Figure 8 motion.

I could feel how my penis was made up of lots of blood vessels leading along the shaft…

And it felt like they were a bit twisted together…

And that I was now untwisting them.

And after around an hour of playing around around like this, it felt like I’d managed to create enough space in my penis for the blood to flow into it again…

And my erections returned.

I’d held my penis in my hand enough times before, but something seemed different now.

It just seemed ‘meatier’ or ‘weightier’.

And naturally, my next thought was to wonder how that had happened.

You see, I hadn’t put any pressure on the tissue of my penis that would cause the cells to break apart and multiply, like how people try to do with traditional penis enlargement exercises.

So I definitely hadn’t worked on my penis to make it bigger.

Thus I knew that whatever had happened had come from inside me.

And it was at that very moment that I felt around behind my balls like I asked you to do at the start of this letter.

I did exactly the same as you did and felt the root of my penis going all the way back to the start of my bottom.

And that was when I started looking at anatomy pictures of the penis, and in particular noticed a few things, like in these pictures:

It seemed, in the anatomy pictures, that there may be a link between penis size and body structure.

In particular, the posture of the pelvis seemed important, and if it was tilted back, the outer part of the penis might be smaller.

I knew this could be true for me, because my Yoga teacher had told me my pelvis was tilted back, so I definitely looked like the picture with the smaller penis above.

And I knew from watching pornography that the guys with the bigger penises seemed to have body shapes much more like the picture with the bigger penis above.

Thus, my theory was forming:

To test out this theory, I ‘observed’ some porn.

Firstly, many of the porn stars with big penises had bodies shaped like this:

And even more interestingly, I found one porn scene in particular which gave me some really important evidence to push my theory forward.

In this scene, because the camera is positioned behind the guy for the best view, there’s often a close up of the base of the guy’s penis and his bottom.

And it was in this scene that I saw that in many of the really big sized male porn actors that the base of their penis goes all the way back to the very start of their bottom, and that all their penis seems to be on the outside.

When I saw these scenes, it proved to me that there are guys in the world who have almost no inner penis, because I could see with my own eyes that the outer part of their penises was emerging just in front of their bottoms.

And that gave me very strong reason to believe that my theory might be true – that there are some men with loads of inner penis, and others with loads of outer penis, and that it might be possible that the penis can be either pushed further out of, or pulled back into the body.

At this point, all I knew for sure was that releasing tension from my body seemed to have released more of my penis to the outside, but I also knew that I’d only experienced that after giving myself Erectile Dysfunction.

And I never wanted that to happen again.

But I simply had to continue with my research, so I’d no choice other than to take that risk.

And, sure enough, it happened, again and again and again.

No matter which way I tried to unwind my body, I gave myself Erectile Dysfunction. Every few weeks or months, no matter how much progress I thought I was making, it would happen again.

But all the while there was the glimmer of hope that more of the inner penis seemed to be emerging to the outside.

However, it got to the point where I wouldn’t be spending long at full erection ability before I messed myself up again.

My wife even joked that she was used to me not being fully hard.

It was tough, but I battled on, in the hope that one day I’d find a technique that would release tension from my head, the rest of my body, and which would bring me closer to my natural state every time I used it.

And eventually, after 16 years, 5 months and 1 day…

The reason it took so long is because the final technique is in no way connected with the Figure 8s I started with.

And while I wasn’t just using Figure 8s in the early years of my research, I kept coming back to them.

So I spent many years investigating in the wrong direction, trying to make the Figure 8s work.

The final technique is a single technique that involves a body position, a way of focusing, a way of breathing, and a way of releasing tension from the head area.

While I do have a very long way to go, I now feel like I’m looking more and more like a porn star every day, and the penis volume calculator at calcSD.info suggests that I’m now 1.73 times the Western average.

I’ve poured all my knowledge into an e-book explaining exactly how to use my Method.

Each round of the Method takes less than a minute.

Here’s what’s covered in the book:

First we take a look at a very important body concept that I haven’t covered in this letter.

– Why our exercise systems fail to provide the results we desire.

– Why 2 people can follow a fitness program in exactly the same way, and have very different results.

– How this neglected concept is a very important characteristic of male beauty.

– The little things we need to aim for in order to achieve full body transformation.

– Another important flaw that regular guys have (which porn stars tend not to).

– An important way the male body often ends up with after working out.

– The event that happened when we were very young that influenced our future body shape.

– The shocking effect of gravity on our body if one particular thing is out of place.

Next, I move on to the Method itself:

– The 6 important factors in the technique.

– The part of your body that needs to stay soft and ready to align.

– An important sensation to activate the Method.

– The unusual breathing technique you need to use.

– A sensation that builds up with the breathing technique, that you’ve felt before but likely never understood the full potential of.

– The way of breaking through tension that will probably amaze you.

– An unusual sensation you’re looking for with your breath.

– How to measure the full body release.

Then there are some finer details like:

– What to wear when doing the Method (it makes a difference on one part of your body).

– What not to do with the part of your body that needs to be soft.

– How to make a forced position feel natural, and how that relates to the penis theory I’ve shared here.

– The exact steps to know you’re breathing in the right way.

– Something very important that happens when breathing that will facilitate the shift the Method produces.

– How it will feel like you’re creating space in your head which will help your whole body relax.

And then I go on and mention some of the things I’ve personally experienced as a result of using the Method. In general, the results are very subtle, and it’s the case that a lot of small changes add up to a big transformation, and I detail all those changes in this section.

I’m not going to list them here as I’m not a doctor and I don’t want to make any medical promises about what my Method might do for you.

Which brings me on to my next point…

I’ve been a lone-wolf for the last 16 years.

Initially I spoke to people about what I was doing, but they thought I was completely crazy.

As you can see from everything I’ve written on this page, I certainly have a unique perspective on life, but personally I believe I’m completely and utterly sane.

So this letter isn’t about me making promises to you about your penis growing bigger. I can’t possibly make those promises to you.

BUT… if you did what I suggested at the beginning and measured the lengths of the outer and inner parts of your penis, got a big number, and now believe that there’s some seriously strong logic to what I’m saying here, then I believe it’s in your very best interests to learn my Method.

You’re now where I was 16 years ago, and although you wouldn’t be sidetracked by the Figure 8s like I was, it would still likely take you many years to figure this out on your own.

Or maybe it wouldn’t and I was just stupid for taking so long with it!

That’s 97 US Dollars, except if you’re somewhere where Internet purchases are subject to sales tax, in which case that will be added that that your total.

The retailer of my product is a company called Clickbank, and you get a 60 day refund period, so you can try it for that length of time and still ask for your money back if you’re not happy for any reason.

But in general I believe that the price you’ll pay is incredibly reasonable given the 16 years of effort I’ve put into this. It’s been a horrendously difficult journey for me personally, and has led to a lot of damaged relationships and financial concerns.

Hopefully that’s all behind me now, and your purchase will be a huge win-win situation for both of us!

The technology details are that as soon as you purchase you’ll go directly to a thank you page with a download link for the e-book. And the same download link will be sent to you by email. It’s one electronic PDF file and you’ll be able to read it immediately and start using my Method.

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