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Progressive Muscle-Fiber Loading with the STX Method

The Ideal Exercise for Each Muscle

No Joint-Crushing Weights

You may know me as former Editor in Chief of Iron Man, the trusted bodybuilding magazine that began in 1936.

No, I wasn’t the editor back then.

Mike Mentzer, top pro from the 1970s who helped bring science to bodybuilding training. He was on the right track with brief, intense training. New research says you can supercharge that approach. (Photo by John Balik)

I’m not quite that old. I started in 1987, putting out monthly issues for 27 years and interviewing icons of the sport from Arnold to Mike Mentzer to Tom Platz.

I learned a lot about building muscles from those legends, and I also built my knowledge with the help of researchers who wrote for the magazine and the studies they discussed.

Much of the latest research is verifying bits and pieces of how the icons of bodybuilding trained for mass and how you can use those methods in workouts that take very little time for major muscle results.

Progressive muscle-fiber loading on the ideal exercise for each muscle, Speed Sets and Stretch Loading.

This will take your physique to new levels of muscle mass faster than you thought possible.

All through my 45 years of lifting, efficient drug-free bodybuilding was my focus—big results with minimal wasted time.

And over the years, I collected many innovative ways to pack on muscle.

But now there’s been a giant leap in efficiency-of-effort mass-building—new discoveries.

These new eye-opening findings have me and a number of experts throwing out much of what were believed to be muscle-building truths.

Even some sacred exercises are being dethroned…

After a year of applying this new info, all I can say is that the results have been spectacular. Even more impressive: I built my new age-60 physique in a bare-bones home gym with only moderate-weight, 35-minute workouts…

I built the latest version of my 60+ physique in a bare-bones home gym. All I had was a 50-pound selectorized dumbbell set, an adjustable bench and a doorway chinning bar. No heavy weights available, but I still grew like crazy with 35-minute workouts three days a week.

A neighbor recently asked me why I’ve been getting younger and more muscular while he gets older and fatter.

I told him, “It doesn’t take as much time as you think” — as you’ll see…

My new-muscle awakening was the direct result of a few converging events over a year and a half…

The first was the pandemic. I had no idea gyms would close for so long. It was an unwelcome surprise, as my home gym was pathetic.

As the pandemic hit and gyms closed, I was feeling pathetic physique-wise. I had to do something, and my sparse home gym was the only option.

How the hell was I going to build muscle with moderate-weight dumbbells and a bench?

The max I could use was 50 pounds in each hand, and not a barbell or squat rack in sight.

My motivation had already been bottoming out due to boredom at my commercial gym and stagnant results from my hour-plus workouts.

While I used to be proud to peel off my shirt, suddenly I was embarrassed. And with gyms closed, I had a bad feeling that everything would only get worse…

It did. I started missing workouts and sunk even further into looking like a cranky, non-training old man.

I was about to give up and start wearing socks with sandals, but then it hit me: I had to take this as a slap-in-the-face challenge…

“Come on, man. You’ve got decades of training experience. Ditch the old-codger nosedive and at least prove you can build a decent physique with limited equipment.”

Then a second key event occurred that set my motivation on fire:

I was reacquainted with former Mr. America Doug Brignole…

Doug Brignole won the AAU Drug-Free Mr. Universe at age 59 using only the ideal biomechanically correct exercises for each muscle. He taught this old dog, me, some new muscle-building tricks that were key to my latest muscle-building success using only 35-minute ultimate-exercise-based workouts. (Photo by Lance Kincaid)

I interviewed Doug back when I was the editor at Iron Man, and his training ideas did not sit well with the bodybuilding establishment.

With his biomechanics background, he said things like overhead presses were crap for shoulder development, downright dangerous in fact due to joint impingement.

Doug also trashed the traditional he-man back squat that most of us feared and revered as the ultimate mass-building exercise. Blasphemy!

Then I saw that Doug had recently won the AAU Drug-Free Mr. Universe at age 59 (see his photo) using only the exercises he deemed “biomechanically ideal.”

I contacted him, and after hearing his analysis of the perfect moves for each major muscle, I tried them—at least the ones I could do with my limited equipment.

I got some big pumps with only a few sets.

Also—and this is important— the joint pain I thought I had to live with if I wanted to keep working out into old age disappeared after only a few workouts.

I was finally getting excited about building muscle again—safely and efficiently…

I decided to merge some of his ideas and exercises with my own research and techniques.

At this point the waist of my trousers was creeping toward my chest and shuffleboard was starting to look appealing.…

I designed a couple of short 35-minute “precision” workouts, using only moderate poundages—because that’s all I had.

I emphasized the “ideal” exercises, followed by a set or two of other scientifically proven mass moves. But my workouts stayed at just over half an hour each three days a week—upper body at one and lower body the next.

I was feeling great and could tell I was building muscle.

I just didn’t realize how much until…

My wife took this photo of me in our backyard six months after using my new ideal-exercise bare-bones home-gym workouts. I was shocked at the progress I had made with these quick, precise workouts.

My wife took a photo of me hitting a comical most-muscular pose in the backyard.

That’s when I saw with my own eyes just how effective my new workouts had been over a few months.

I was literally shocked…

I didn’t have that much muscle fullness when I was training with longer workouts in an elaborate commercial gym.

Why was I able to keep my workouts so short and build muscle without heavy weights?

You probably figured out that emphasizing the ideal exercises was one reason.

The right exercise places the target muscle in the proper position to fire optimally…

And that means more mass stimulation with less work…

The other reason is that I built each workout around the scientifically efficient Slow-Twitch Exhaustion (STX) method…

STX is leading off each muscle with one “extended” multi-phase set of the ideal exercise to stimulate an array of muscle-fiber types.

It’s derived from the Size Principle of Muscle-Fiber Recruitment and Brazilian research from a few years ago…

And it worked better than I ever imagined with the ultimate exercises I chose…

Seeing my results in that comical most-muscular photo is when I decided that I had to do what I did when I was editor for Iron Man:

Get this info out there to help frustrated trainees of every age who are sick of long workouts and flat-lining gains.

That’s when I began putting together Old Man, Young Muscle. I also started using a “diet” from my past, the results of which were also shocking.

I was amazed at how easy the fat melted off while I was still building muscle, even at 62…

10 weeks after the eye-opening most-muscular photo was taken, I had sculpted an even more impressive physique. The efficient workouts coupled with a strategic diet got me there fast—no drugs, no Photoshop.

I simply kept my workouts the same—35 minutes three days a week—and began using my unique version of intermittent fasting a few times a week.

It’s designed to ramp up anabolic hormones, build muscle and burn more fat simultaneously…

To my surprise, the new version of the diet wasn’t difficult, almost easy in fact, and…

My single ab began turning into a six-pack after only 5 weeks.

I looked so good after 10 weeks that I started grocery shopping shirtless. Okay, I’m kidding, but I did put together The Muscle-On, Belly-Gone “Diet,” which I’m giving away free at the moment with Old Man, Young Muscle.

The two make a powerful combo you can use to pack your body with new muscle and leanness.

If it worked for this old dude with only a bare-bones home gym and crummy genetics, imagine what you can do in a commercial gym.

I’ve also included ideas and tactics to gradually tweak the workouts if you want to get even bigger than me, genetics willing…

Because to be honest, at my age I’m not interested in being a massive 220-pound gargoyle of muscle. And just over half an hour in the gym a few times a week is what I’m willing to invest at this point in my life…

I’m happy with my good health and drug-free, pain-free older-bodybuilder physique…

If you want more than that, I guarantee that the new groundbreaking info in Old Man, Young Muscle will help you get there too—faster than you thought possible.

The 5 ultimate-exercise factors so you know the best mass moves

The Ideal Exercise for every body part guaranteed to get you growing faster, no joint pain

The Slow-Twitch Exhaustion method: new Density-Training variations for quick mass stimulation

The Size Principle of muscle-fiber recruitment and how to apply it to trigger total growth activation

The exact 35-minute workouts I use three days a week that you can tweak to muscle up your physique

Start/Finish photos of every exercise for precise performance (demonstrated by some old guy—me)

How you can safely and efficiently volumize to pack on more size

The 3 key hypertrophic triggers determined by science to add unique layers of fiber growth

The new, reloaded Positions-of-Flexion method that builds muscle along multiple anabolic pathways

The updated Positions-of-Flexion Exercise list showing you the best add-ons for faster muscle development

Speed Sets and how they activate more muscle fibers to accelerate growth

Mr. America mass moves: Brignole’s application of the ideal exercises

A look at the study that produced “the greatest gains in muscle mass ever recorded” (one reason Arnold got huge)

How you can optimize your anabolic-hormone profile with proper exercise selection and performance (my testosterone is 703)

The key supplements that work, even a libido herb—no steroids, no hormone-replacement therapy

The Anabolic Smoothie recipe for health and speeding muscle recovery and growth

A research-proven before-bed ritual that will help you build more muscle mass while you sleep

P.S. I guarantee that the info in these ebooks will change the way you train and gain forever, or your money back, no questions asked.

Steve Holman
Former Editor in Chief, Iron Man Magazine

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Click here to get Old Man, Young Muscle at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Old Man, Young Muscle is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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