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Every online gambler wants to be a winner and that leads us to ask this simple question. Can you beat the slots at an online casino? For that matter, can you really beat any game at an online casino? Lets look at the games offered by most online casino and see what the answers are. When it comes to slots, there are dozens of videos and books available that claim to have sure fire systems to beat the Machines. The truth is there is no way to beat the machines. There are several reasons why you should save your money and not buy any of these systems. Slots should be played for fun and relaxation. Any time you win playing slots, consider it a gift from the casino and don’t expect it to be a regular occurrence. First and foremost, slot machines are no longer made up of mechanical reels that people would try to time. The fact is that timing reels on old fashioned slot machines was also dubious at best. Todays modern slot machine whether online or land based is run buy a random number generator that selects the symbols that will turn up when the spin ends totally at RANDOM. There is no way to calculate or time what will turn up on future spins because the RNG is always doing what is online casino bonuses to do and that is to use a complicated mathematical algorithm to calculate the symbols for every spin. There are millions of possible combinations and the RNG can select any one of them at any time. So forget about beating the RNG.

Craps is a very exciting, action filled game that can be quite confusing to  new players. While there is no surefire method to beat the house at craps, it is essential that a player have a complete understanding of the basics of online craps play. One must become familiar with all the rules of craps and the terminology used in the game. A new player must also understand all the different bets, what they mean and how to place them properly. A player should also have a solid background in the good bets and the bad bets that can be made on the craps table. There are several bets available in craps that every craps teacher will tell you not to place. Like Blackjack, the key to doing well at Craps is learning how to play the game and having a solid understanding of all the dynamics of the game. Roulette is another game that has led to many hundreds of cant miss systems of play. The problem is that these systems just do not work. Roulette is based on luck. There is no way to time the wheel or the ball to figure out where it will end up. Like many other online casino games, the RNG is king in roulette. It decides which number will come up and then displays the results. Although there is no sure fire roulette system, some of the real experts in roulette have written many useful articles and books on how to bet in roulette. Learning what the smart bets are in roulette is the key to enhancing your chances to win. The one game in online casinos that is not based on luck alone is Poker. Poker is a skill game and can improved with study and practice. There are many successful online poker rooms that have hundreds of skilled players going head to head in games like Texas Holdem and 7 Card Stud. Texas Holdem is the most popular of the online poker games and attracts millions of players around the world. Mastering the game of poker takes a quick mind, common sense, self control and the ability to read or anticipate other players moves. There are many  good books and videos on how to play poker. Quite a few of these are written by highly successful professional poker players. They can teach you all the basics of poker but you will still need to practice, practice and practice some more. The great thing about online poker is that you can gain experience at actual live poker while playing with play money. This allows new players to learn, gain experience and evaluate when they are ready to start playing for real cash. What have we discovered about beating the house in online gambling? Well, first we have learned that the odds are in the houses favor. The outcome of the games (except online poker) are decided by a random number generator and you cant figure out what the RNG will do next. We also learned that there are no sure fire systems to beat the house in online casinos. The online gambler can enhance their chances to win by studying the games and learning how to play them with the confidence that comes with experience and practice. They can increase their knowledge of the mechanics of the game play and learn how to place smart bets. This allows an online gambler to improve their chances to win but it is not a guarantee. The biggest advantage in the online gamblers arsenal is to play the games they enjoy with play money until they feel totally comfortable. Even players who are experienced at playing in land based casinos should play with play money first if they are new to online casinos. The game play and timing has a different flow to it online and it takes a bit of practice to get it right. Playing for play money is without a doubt an online gamblers best tool when they are trying to learn how to play any online gambling game.

Card counting is widely talked about because done correctly it gives the player an advantage over the house. The result is that a lot of people jump in and decide that they are going to be card counters. The reality however is that it is much more difficult to count cards than most people realize and there are very few people who can do it correctly. If you are going to do it you will need to put in a great deal of practice. The theory behind card counting is that it has been well established that the odds are in favor of the player when there are a lot of high cards, particularly cards with a value of ten still in the deck. The odds are worst for a player when the deck contains a large number of low cards. Therefore if you can determine when the deck has a lot of high cards you can increase the amount that you bet when the odds are in your favor. Done correctly this can actually give you an edge over the casino.

The first thing that you need to be aware of if you are counting cards is that it is very difficult. There are a number of systems that are used to track cards but they all require that you have a way of keeping track of every card that gets dealt between the times when the deck is Online Casino. This sounds easy in theory but is very hard to do in practice. The game moves very fast and you not only have to keep track of every card that gets dealt to every player you also have to play your hand with proper strategy. It takes a lot of practice to be able to count cards and few people can do it well. Strictly speaking card counting is not illegal however you will find that most casinos like KAZINOEKSTRA strongly discourage it. If they suspect that you are counting cards you will normally be asked to leave. This makes the whole process even more difficult since you will need to be able to count cards without anybody noticing that you are doing it. You will also have to keep the amount that you vary your bets limited which lowers the benefits that you get from counting cards.

The other issue that you need to keep in mind if you are going to count card is that the casinos have started using multiple decks for blackjack. This not only makes counting cards more difficult but it also reduces the benefits even if you do get it right. Using more decks means that the proportion of high cards to low cards in the deck will remain closer to even than it would if a single deck is used. This makes the value of counting cards much lower than it was in the past when only a single deck was welcome to blackjack secrets.

Efficiency, strategy and game plan are three important rules to win poker. Without these three things winning a poker game is difficult. Poker has many variants and all these variants differ in how the cards are dealt. High and low hands help in making a move in a poker game. In some poker variants high hands win the pot, while in other variants low hands win the pot. Playing a game naturally and following its rules can help players win it easily. Before playing a poker game, players should go through its rules and regulations. Players should be able to analyze their opponent’s mind and cards they play. Players, who estimate moves of opponents at the earliest, will have a greater chance of winning the poker game. Here are some tips which can help players in winning a poker game. Limit is an important factor which decides the strength of a player in the game. Lower limit and higher limit are typical things, which decide the power of a player. Generally “dear” money doesn’t help the player in winning the game, its only “excess” money that helps a player in winning the game. Players should be selective in poker.

Players should know details of all poker variants before actually playing them. Some of the poker variants which can be chosen by a player are five card draw, seven card stud, Omaha high and Texas hold’em. Another important thing a player should know about is the odds of the game. Most of the experts and skilled people didn’t achieve success in poker in one shot. They worked on their own, and practiced the game many times in order to win it. Players should learn the game properly, analyze everything efficiently, and finally try their luck in the game. Table personality plays an important role in success of a blackjack tips. Maintaining a positive attitude in the game, and analyzing things in advance can help players in gaining a strong hand in the game. Macho attitude should be avoided when playing poker. Players should play the game with confidence. Players should not be afraid of the game or circumstances and should just play their natural game. One should not get upset by the bully of the game. Analyzing the move of the opponent can benefit all. You should be able to properly look into the minds of opponents and understand their moves. Facial expressions of opponents play an important role. Players should never express their feelings before or after seeing the cards. Their expressions can cost a loss or win at the end.

Smart play is an important point which has to be remembered by players. Voluntarily most players show their cards when other players fold, this is a wrong strategy. Players should be active and pay attention to all minute details. Staying in comfort zone is always an advantage to players. Players who sit at tables where the stakes are ordinary have a greater chance of winning the winning at online poker game. The above points will definitely help one get success in a poker game.

There are so many websites on the internet offering poker tips which do not improve your chances of making money from online poker. The five techniques discussed in this article are used by professional players and every player should have them in their arsenal.

To perfect these five techniques requires a lot of practice, but when you have mastered them you will be among the top players in the poker room.

No matter what the form of poker you are playing, it is very important that you correctly understand the rank of poker hands. When you have fully mastered the rank of these hands, you will be on your way to becoming a profitable poker player, whether you are playing in a casino, online, or even at home. The following winning poker hands given below are given in order from the highest to the lowest.

There is no stronger hand in poker than the royal flush. This consists of the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten all of the same suit. It is essentially a straight flush but with the highest cards.

A straight flush is a straight consisting of cards from the same suit. As shown above, the highest possible straight flush is the Royal Flush. The lowest possible straight flush is Ace, two, three, four, and five of the same suit.

The next highest winning hand in poker is four of a kind. This can only be beaten by the two previous flushes described above. The highest four of a kind is four aces.

A full house consists of three cards the same and two cards also the same. For example, three Queens and two nines is a full house. If there are two hands with a full house, the one which has the highest value card making the three wins.

A flush is made up of five cards all of the same suit. If there are two players with a flush, the one with the highest card wins the pot. For example if one player has a flush tool in poker a highest card of King and the second has a highest card of Ace, the player with the ace wins no matter what the remaining cards are.

A straight is five cards in order, but not of the same suit, for example four, five, six, seven, and eight. In a straight the ace can be a high or low card.

Any three of the same card is called three of a kind, also known as trips. If two players have three eights but one of them has a King and the other has a ten, the variations of poker games with the King wins.

Hands of two pairs are relatively low in poker and all of the above mentioned hands beat it. When two players have two pairs the same, the one with the highest unpaired card wins. In a game that uses community cards such as Texas Hold’em it is possible that the highest card is already on the board which will lead to a split pot.

Single pairs are almost the lowest possible winning hand. As with two pairs, if two players have the same pair, the one with the highest unpaired card will win.

In the unlikely event of a hand being played where no player has any of the above, the player with the highest card wins. If both players have an Ace, the next highest card is taken into consideration.

Blackjack is a very popular online casino game, and with the need for strategy it is very attractive for players wanting to use their skill to win. Any game which uses card values as the main component needs careful understanding so that you don’t make unnecessary winning at online poker which could cost you the hand and therefore your bet. And by understanding the basic rules from the outset, you can ensure that your online blackjack strategy is confident and helps you win as many hands as possible.

When you’re playing online blackjack you should remember that you need to aim to score 21, or as close to 21, as possible. Playing individually, or amongst a number of players, a winning hand will be had if you can score above the dealer’s hand without your cards totaling 22 or more. ‘Blackjack’ can be easily achieved with three cards, and if you’re lucky, with just a picture card and an Ace. However, it is important to remember that you don’t need 21 to win, and shouldn’t take unnecessary risks if you have a high scoring hand.

Blackjack has two main options; to ‘stand’ or to ‘hit’. As cards are being dealt you will have the chance to take these options, with a ‘stand’ resulting in you holding on to your cards and not take another deal. Meanwhile, you can ‘hit’ as many times as you wish until you reach more than 21, at which time you are ‘bust’. Dealers are also governed by these rules, with a total of 17 or more ruling that they must ‘stand’, whilst having 16 or under results in the dealer having to take another ‘hit’.

Poker is one of the most popular and best loved games in the world. With the advent of online casino gaming, the accessibility and popularity of poker is skyrocketing. Online casinos offer a wide variety of interesting interfaces to play on as well as many different types of tournaments and incentives to keep the poker player coming back for more. Land based casinos host tournaments and many have exclusive poker rooms where some of the most famous high stakes poker games take place. If you choose to play poker in a land based casino or online, you will be joining millions of people around the world who love the challenges of poker in all its different varieties.

Texas Hold ‘Em is a seven card poker game that is easy to learn and a new player can begin to play quickly. However it is still a complex game that takes patience and practice to master. It is the most popular form of casino poker today. Texas Hold ‘Em uses a disc called a dealer button to slots strategy where the cards are to be dealt. Before the deal, the two players to the left of the button place live bets called the small and large blinds which are made before seeing any cards. The button is usually chosen by players drawing a single card and high card gets the button first by most rules. The play begins with two cards dealt face-down to each player. Betting starts with the player to the left of the blind and goes clockwise around the table. Players may bet, check, raise, or fold in turn. The large blind has the privilege of last bet and may check or raise the bet. Three community cards are then dealt face up in the center of the table and another betting round takes place beginning with the player to the left of the dealer button. Another card is dealt face up followed by a round of betting. The fifth and last card is dealt face up and a final round of betting takes progressive and multi line slots. Players still in the hand will then show their cards and the winning poker hand will be awarded the pot. Any combination of player cards and community cards may be used to make the best five-card hand.

Seven-Card Stud is an easy game to learn but still offers challeges to the experienced player. In Seven-Card Stud, each player receives two cards face down and one card face up. The player with the low card opens the betting. Each layer in turn must call, raise, or fold. On all subsequent rounds, the player with the best hand opens the betting. Each player is then dealt 3 cards face up with a betting round following each card. The final card is dealt to each player still in the game face down with the final betting round after the final card is dealt. Players still in the hand will then show their cards and the winning hand takes the pot and tied winning hands split the pot. In Seven-Card Stud High/Lo the player with the highest card starts the betting. To have the winning low hand a player must form a hand of five cards of 8 or lower. A winning low hand is given half the pot and half the pot goes to the winning high hand. If there is no winning low hand, the entire pot goes to the winning high hand. It is possible to have the winning high hand and the winning low hand.

There are two versions of Omaha. Omaha High only and Omaha High-Low Eight or Better which is a game where the high hand and low hand splits the pot. Omaha is a nine-card poker game that uses a dealer button and blinds as in Texas Hold ‘Em. The play begins with four cards dealt face down to each player. Betting begins with the first player to the left of the blinds. Players may bet, check, raise, or fold in turn. You will use two cards from your hand and three from the board to make the best five-card poker hand. Community cards are then dealt face up in the center of the table in the same manner as in Texas Hold ‘Em with betting after each round. After the final betting round, the players remaining in the hand will then show all their cards. If you are playing Omaha the winning high hand takes the pot. If you are playing Omaha Hi/Lo to have the winning low hand a player must form a hand of five cards of 8 or lower using two from their hand and three from the board. If there is a winning low hand, it splits the pot with the winning high hand. Other wise, the high hand takes the entire pot. As with other hi/lo games, it is possible to have the winning high hand and the winning low hand. Draw Poker As in other poker games, the betting begins with the blind bet. Players will then be dealt 5 cards, all face down. Players will then look at their cards and decide if they wish to remain in the game. Remaining players will then place their bets and this will complete the first round. After the first round comes the draw in which the players may exchange any number of cards in their hands with the dealer for new cards. After the draw the second round of betting will follow. This completes the second round and is followed by the showdown. The winning hand is the highest ranking five card hand. If there is only one player still in the game after the second round and there is no showdown, that player wins the pot without having to show their cards.

All players begin by placing a bet called the ‘ante’. Each player is dealt two cards, one face down and one card face up. The player with the lowest face up card begins the betting. Each player to the left of the starting bettor then either calls, raises or folds. After the first round, each player is then dealt another card face up followed by a round of betting. The rounds countinue until 5 cards are dealt to all remaining players, four cards face up and one card face down. Starting with the third round the betting is begun by the highest poker hand showing on the table. After 5 cards are dealt and all bets are made, comes the showdown. The players will show all five cards and the winning hand is the highest ranking five card hand. Ranking of Winning Poker Hands (excluding Lo Hands In Hi/Lo Games.) 1. Straight Flush: Five consecutive and suited cards. 2. Four of a Kind: Four cards of the same rank, plus any fifth card. 3. Full House: Three of a kind and a pair. 4. Flush: Any five cards of the same suit, except for a higher ranking straight flush. 5. Straight: Five consecutive cards, except for a higher ranking straight flush. 6. Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same rank, plus any other two cards. 7. Two Pair: Two pairs, plus any fifth card. 8. Pair: A pair and any other three cards. 9. High Card: If none of the above hands are formed, the highest card wins.

Poker players can take following actions: CHECK – Players can check when there is no wager on the current betting round. This action passes from one player to another in the clockwise direction. The round completes when all players check during one round of betting. After a player checks if the next player in the round “bets” then all other players must bet, raise that bet or fold to complete the round. Checking is most often seen during the first or early rounds of betting when players have weak hands but wish to remain in the game for that hand. BET – The player can bet when there is no wager placed on current round of betting. When a player bets, the poker player who is immediately sitting next to him or her in clockwise direction can call, raise or fold. CALL – When there is a wager on the current round of poker game, a player may ‘call’. Calling requires players to match the current bet made by players’ opponent. Players may also raise or fold after a player before them in the round bets. RAISE – The Raise action can be taken when there is a wager on the current round of betting. The player raising matches the current bet and then increases the bet. To maintain interest in the pot, all the subsequent poker players must take the ‘raise’ , ‘raise again’ or ‘re-raise’ or fold. One will often hear a player at a live table say ” I call your bet and I raise.” FOLD – The ‘fold’ action loses all interest in the pot. When a player folds they are no longer allowed to wager on the current hand and are not eligible for that hands pot. We invite our users to write in to our Casino Guru with their own insights and strategies for betting in the game of poker. We will include many of your submissions in the site. Remember, this site will also be built by you, the user, and we welcome your contributions.

It is important to mention that while the rules of poker and the various games are basically the same if live or online, the pace of play and the human involvement is different online. Online casinos offer you the major advantage of playing with “PLAY MONEY” before you have to wager real cash and we strongly suggest anyone who is new to ONLINE poker play with play money until they are totally familiar with the pace and play of ONLINE poker. It is also important to remember that when you play online there is nothing in the rules that prevents you from taking detailed notes about each hand and the other players strategies. The results of hands and the rounds of each hand are usually available from the online casinos in text files for you to download and study. As of this time there is also nothing in the rules of online poker that prevents poker players from using any play aid devices or strategies as long as the player does not try to alter the game software in any way. Feel free to use your favorite hand held poker computer or your favorite poker book while you play if you feel that helps your play. However we do suggest you read the rules of play for the online casino you choose to wager your money with before you start to play. We also remind players to play first for enjoyment and remember to bet carefully and within your limits. That said, WELCOME TO THE AMAZING WORLD OF POKER.

Although the way roulette is played is essentially the same whether played online or in a land-based casino, one of the biggest benefits of playing online is that you can find a choice of the European or U.S. version of roulette simply by searching thru the links in our roulette section, then logging on to the site that offers the features you prefer and the version you prefer. Online play offers you the ability to play in a relaxed environment and at your own pace as well as the chance to learn all the ins and outs of the game with play money before you risk your hard earned cash. And of course, one should always search for the online casino that offers the best different types of poker, clearly written and concise rules, 24/7 support and prompt payment. With the rapid growth of online gambling, players now have a wonderful range of choices of how and where they will bet their money on the spinning wheel. Good luck and remember to have fun and bet within your limits.

Roulette is a casino game that is played on a table with a wheel and a ball. The table itself is covered with a felt cloth that has the roulette grid printed on it The right side or inside of the printed grid consists of 3 columns of 12 numbers with the 0 and 00 above it. (The European version will only have the 0 and not the 0 and 00 found on the American version of the roulette table.) The left side or outside of the printed grid will have other various roulette bets printed on it. The croupier first spins the wheel and then spins the ball in the opposite direction. The ball eventually loses its momentum and falls into to one of 37 (in the European version) or 38 (in the U.S. version) colored and numbered slots on the wheel. Players may bet on individual numbers, groups or ranges of numbers, if the winning number is odd or even or if the color of the winning slot is red or black. Roulette in its earliest stages, was invented in France in the 18th century and first appeared in its present form in Paris in the late 1790’s. French Mathematician Blaise Pascal introduced a early form of roulette in the 17th century in his search for a perpetual motion machine and later development came from a combination of an English wheel game called Roly-Poly, a French board game and Italian board different types of poker. During the 19th century, Roulette spread throughout Europe and the United States and became a very popular casino game. In 1860, after most of Europe had outlawed gambling, The Blanc Family moved their casino to Monte Carlo. Here they established a legal gambling mecca and created the single zero roulette wheel used all over the World today, except in the United States, South America and the Caribbean, where a double zero wheel is used.

In the United States, Roulette first appeared in French founded New Orleans, then proceeded up the Mississippi River and from there, spread east and west. Early American style roulette was full of cheating and rigged wheels and this led to the wheel being placed in plain site on the slots strategy. Finally, Roulette found its way to the main stream of legal gambling in the U.S., with the growth of casinos in Las Vegas, starting in the late 1940’s. Today Roulette is played in casinos around the world and is also enjoyed by players on the Internet.

There are a great variety of bets available in the game of roulette. To better understand these bets first examine the graphic of a roulette table grid. The table illustrated is from the U.S. version of the roulette game. The European version is the same excepting that there is no double zero. (00) 1. STRAIGHT BET The straight bet is a bet to pick the exact number on which the ball will land. This bet pays 35:1. 2. SPLIT BET To make a split bet, the player places his or her chip on the line between 2 numbers. If either number hits, the payout is 17:1. 3. SQUARE BET The square bet or four number bet involves betting a square of 4 numbers. This bet pays 8:1. 4. 5 NUMBER BET The 5 number bet can only be made on a U.S. style wheel and pays 6:1. The player is betting one of the following numbers will hit: 0, 00, 1, 2 or 3. 5. RED OR BLACK BET In this bet, if the player bets on red the ball must land on a red slot and if the player bets on black, the ball must land on a black slot. This bet pays 1:1. 6. ODD OR EVEN BET In this bet, if the player bets on odd the ball must land on an odd number and if the player bets even, the ball must land on an even number. This bet also pays 1:1. 7. HIGH BET In a high bet, the player is betting that the ball with land on a number between 19 and 36. This bet pays 1:1. 8.LOW BET With the low bet, the player is betting that the ball will come to rest on a number between 1 and 18. This bet pays 1:1. 9.DOZEN BET In this bet, the player is betting that the ball will stop on one of the numbers in a group of a dozen numbers. These groups are 1 to 12, 13 to 24 and 25 to 36. This bet pays the player 2:1. 10. COLUMN BET The column bet requires the player to bet on one of the three columns printed on the roulette table grid. To win this bet the ball must stop on one of the numbers from the column on which the player has bet. This bet pays 2:1. 11. INSIDE BET This refers to any bet that involves the numbers on the right side of the roulette table grid. 12.OUTSIDE BET This refers to any bet placed on the left side (or non-numbered) side of the roulette table grid. Players are allowed to make as many different types of bets as they wish but it is advised to have a betting strategy and avoid high risk bets and placing unwarranted bets.

Do you enjoy betting on sports? Have you ever wanted to place a bet on a non-sporting event? Do you wish you could bet on a horse race without going to a race track? If you answered yes to any of these questions then sportsbooks are just what the doctor ordered. Sportsbooks are basically legal bookmakers who set odds and take bets on sports and on just about anything you can think of from the winner of this years Super Bowl to who will win next years Oscar for best actor and then some. Sportsbooks are found as both land based establishments and online. As an industry, they generate of billions of dollars a year in revenues. People love to make bets and sportsbooks are major part of the worlds legal online casinos gambling industry. Land based sportsbooks are found in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Caribbean, Australia and other countries where gambling is legal. Land based sportsbooks are found in hotels, casinos and in stand alone facilities. They are typified by their ever present betting windows and electronic tote boards that display the odds for the various events and the results and payouts of completed events. Modern sportsbooks may also allow bets to be placed through interactive ticket vending machines that replace the human being with a video monitor. Most establishments provide screens where you can watch many of the sporting events live. High end sportbooks may provide banks of big screen tvs and lots of comfortable seating where gamblers can relax as they watch the sporting events unfold. Sportsbooks in big hotels and casinos even provide food and drinks for bettors to enjoy as they gamble. Just like in the casinos, providing bigger perks and extras makes a sportsbook more attractive to the gambler. In the U.S., sportsbooks are only legal in Las Vegas where there are over 150 sportsbooks. Since the Las Vegas sportsbooks are found in hotels and casinos, they tend to follow the standard Vegas rules for opulence and excess. With so many sportsbooks in one small city, the more a sportsbook can offer in the way of extras, the more they may attract business. In contrast to Las Vegas, land based sportsbooks in the UK tend to take on a different form. British sportsbooks are also called betting shops and are mainly found on local steets among all the other stores and businesses. This gives sportbooks a neighborhood flavor and many Britons have their personal favorite betting shop. There are several large British corporations, including William Hill and progressive slot jackpots, that own large numbers of sportsbooks. It does tend to reduce the gamblers ability to shop for odds when a chain like William Hill owns 2300 plus betting shops in England and Ireland. Even so, sportsbooks are an important part of the British culture and economy. Between Ladbrokes and William Hill alone, they took in a gross revenue of over £2 billion in 2008, which has contributed substantially to British tax revenues. Figures like these point out just how important legalized gambling can be to any nations economy. Modern online sportbooks are basically the same as land based sports books when it comes to the actual events covered and the types of bets accepted. Since online sportsbooks have generally less overhead than land based sportsbooks, they often offer lower fees and more perks. Because of the data sharing capabilities of the internet, online sportsbooks can offer bettors easy access to sports schedules, sporting news, extensive statistics and results of previous events to assist them with handicapping and planning their bets. Since internet based sportsbooks tend to have a more global focus, most online sportsbooks cover just about every type of sports bet and prop bet you can imagine. Perhaps the best advantage of online sportsbooks is the lack of crowds and the lack of distractions. Online, all this can be enjoyed from the comfort of home or anywhere the gambler has internet access. Online Sportsbooks have become very popular with the growth of internet based gambling. Just like with casinos and poker rooms, it is important to find fun and trustworthy sportsbooks. Here, our goal is to bring you all the information you need to find the safest and most enjoyable sportsbooks. To assist you with this, we will be reviewing sportsbooks on a regular basis, providing feature articles on sportsbooks and bringing you our users comments and feedback. We also suggest using internet search engines and online blacklists to find the best sportbooks and to eliminate the bad ones. You can do a search on Google and other search engines by using keywords like Blacklisted Sportsbooks or Rogue Sportsbooks.  They have a list of sportsbooks to avoid and an extensive blacklist of dishonest or incompetent sportsbooks. Here are links to some of our favorite sportsbooks: (Listed Alphabetically) 1. Bet365 Sportsbook 2. Bodog Sports 3. Bookmaker Sportsbook 4. Diamond Sportsbook 5. Pinnacle Sports

The game of online poker and the psychology involved is made up of many variables. One has to understand the rules, the odds, the cards and various factors such as bluffing to start to master the game. However, many top poker pros will tell you that there is nothing more important than understanding the different personality types that you will face while playing poker online. There is, of course, a major difference between reading a poker player online and reading a poker player in a live casino. Simply put, you can not actually see your opponent or hear them. You will not be able to look or listen for any tells or tips to what they may be thinking about doing next. You will have to base your decisions totally on how your opponents play their cards and how they bet. When you are trying to figure out an online opponent, you must quickly pay attention to many details. The action is faster than live play and can become a bit confusing for a newer player. Many experienced online players keep detailed notes about every hand they play, listing the cards played, the bets placed and the names of each of their opponents. They also may download text files from the online poker online casino games of all the hands they played in each online session in order to study the play of their opponents. This can be quite useful because when you play online poker on a regular basis you will start to see many of the same opponents over and over. By studying their play and reviewing your notes and the text files of the hands you played, you will start to notice patterns of play that develop from many of your opponents. While it is always desirable to vary ones play to keep your poker opposition guessing, almost every online poker player will develop a style of play they prefer. Some like to play loose while others favor tight play. Some are aggressive while others are as steady and conservative as the Rock of Gibraltar. Some are out of control and play like lunatics on a rampage. It is up to you, as both a online casino sites and as a student of the game of poker, to learn to identify each of these types and find the best way to counter them. For the sake of clarity, lets break these player types down by the standard used by almost all the online poker writers and experts. There are five basic player personality types we will look at. They are the loose passive player or the Amateur, the loose aggressive player known as the Maniac, the tight passive player or the Tight Player and the tight aggressive player called the Solid Player. Lets add a fifth type to the mix, that we will call the Pro. This player is a super slick, experienced player and is always mixing up play styles to keep you off balance but even this type of play will start to show patterns and when you see the patterns, you will adjust accordingly.

This gives us our five basic types of online poker players. The Amateur, the Pro, the Maniac, the Tight Player and the Solid Player. Now we must figure out ways to manage each of them to improve our success in online poker. Before we take a closer look at each type. lets briefly review the quickest way to study and learn from each of these types. Types of players can usually be learned by two basic factors. First, how many starting hands does the player usually play and second, the way the player bets. By observing how many starting hands a player plays and a noticing their betting patterns, you can start to get a sense of what type of poker personality the player represents. If a player plays a lot of hands, we would say the play style is loose and if they only play a few hands when they have good cards, we can say they are playing tight. Players who constantly check or call and hardly ever raise, are passive and players who are always betting and raising are aggressive players. Now for the actual online poker player personality types and how to deal with each of them. First we have the Amateur who plays a loose passive style. This is every experienced poker players favorite species of fish.These players are online to have a good time and love to get into the action. They pay little attention to what type of hand they have and will constantly call your bet, just to stay in the hand. They will rarely raise your bet but will call, call, call. They are often referred to in books and videos as Calling Stations since they will always be happy to call your bet. The key to beating this type of player is whenever you have a decent hand, bet enough to keep them in the hand. Just dont bet too much and scare them away. You dont want to go overboard with your bet because to this types way to thinking, that will scream out, Ive got a great hand. Avoid bluffing them because your bluff will probably just cause them to call you. If you must bluff an Amateur, you have to scare them off the hand with a large raise or bet. Next up is the Maniac. These guys have the potential to ruin an experienced player. Their loose aggressive play style means they are constantly playing their hand and will bet or raise almost anything. They use their super aggressive, attack mode betting style to make up for the lack of solid hands. The Maniac can be a very dangerous opponent and can really hurt you, if you fall for their playing style. Because they are always playing their hands and betting and raising, you never can be sure when they might have a strong hand or they are just playing with junk. If you misread the Maniac, you just might become the victim of a monster hand. The key to playing against a Maniac is to remain calm and play a steady, patient style. Try to find ways to get to the Maniac and force them into action when you are holding the good cards. In short, Patience and Provocation are the keys to beating the Maniac. When your opponent is a tight passive personality or Tight player, it is time to make some money. This type tends to play true to the cards they hold and bet small amounts when they have a decent hand. If they have a weak hand, they fold. This makes them easy to read and they can make an observant player a nice pile of chips since they rarely, if ever bluff. The Tight Player can do well against a loose player who doesnt pay attention to the hands being played by the Tight Player. All in all, this guy is almost as popular among experienced players as the Amateur. The Solid or tight Aggressive player tends to play their starting hand carefully and will often simply fold right away rather than staying in with a weak hand. If they do stay in for the flop, they will often bet and raise aggressively on the turn and at the river. This personality type prefers to play only solid hands and will become easy to spot as the game develops. They can do well and build huge piles of chips by playing only a few, choice hands but eventually they will get typecast by an observant player. Since this guy likes to play only solid hands, they can often be bluffed out of many hands before the flop.

Every type of poker personality we have mentioned so far has certain traits. When an online poker player sticks to a particular style of play, eventually the better players at the virtual table will spot their style and start to take advantage of them. This is where our final online poker personality type comes into the game. The Pro label is usually applied to Professional poker players who earn their living playing poker but it can also, in this context, be applied to experienced, non-professional online poker players. These guys love to mix up their play style and keep their opponents off balance. This player will usually favor one style of play but will constantly mix in aspects of other styles to keep their opponents guessing. They may play Solid for a while, then just when you think you have them figured out, they switch it up and start bluffing you off of your good hands. They are hard to read and most experts will advise you to play them conservatively. You should only consider confronting them when you have a strong hand. It is better to concentrate on the Amateurs and the Tight players since they are much easier to spot and predict than a Pro. These are our five major online poker personality types. Each style of play has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. To a certain extent, our preferred play style can be limited by the styles of our opponents in an online poker game. When a situation arises that puts your play style at a distinct disadvantage, you have two choices. Switch it up or log out for a while. It is often better to leave a table that doesnt suit your basic play style rather than let your emotions get the better of you and end up taking a beating. There will always be another table to join online that will better suit your style. Just remember to be observant, stay patient and keep a cool head. Then mix it up a bit like the Pros and keep your opponents guessing. Learning the basics of every online poker personality type and varying your play style enough to keep your opponents from reading you is the key to winning at online poker.

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