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Discover a comprehensive new system to produce a
massive stream of traffic on a daily basis in this
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download when you join and confirm your subscription
to our subscriber list.

Make More Money From Your Sites By
Easily Getting Them Into The
Search Engines Within Mere Days! 

Posts To Blogs In Addition To
Ones From For Double The

Uses Custom Rotating Anchor Text To
Increase Your Chances of Getting
Ranked For High Search Terms!

Allows You To
Import Your Own Custom Articles To
Ensure Your Blogs Thrive For Years
To Come!

Supports The New System!

Offers The
Ability To Add Ping Servers To The
Already Built-In List of 40 For
Maximum Indexing In Sites Across The

Plus, There’s A
Completely New User Interface For
Increased Ease of Use!

Simply Put, Blogging Equalizer Breaths
New Life To Super-Charge The Power of The
‘Blog and
Ping’ Technique! 


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From: Jeff Alderson and Rod Beckwith

One little word said it all. 
“Wow.”  So simple, yet it was the only description powerful
enough describe how we both felt.  The excitement.  All the new money
pouring in… and all the lives about to change.  It was almost too good to
be be true when these astonishing reports of success rushed in all at once….almost. 

You see, as website owner, you’re probably in the same
position my partner and I were in not too long ago.  With more than one
website and a lot of Web pages, and, well, most them just sitting there,
collecting dust, while you wait for them to get indexed…

Costing you possibly thousands of dollars in lost sales,
while you sit and wait…  We
know how you may feel, to have your hard work and money put into your online
business go to waste.  We used to be in your position.

Then my partner and I discovered…

Which allows anybody to get their Web pages visited by the
search engine spiders, sometimes, in mere hours… and we’re not just talking
about one or two of your pages, but any web page you want.

Just think of how much extra money you could make by getting
all of your Web pages visited by the search engine spiders for inclusion…
probably, nothing to sneeze at.

Of course, you may already be familiar with this technique
and the big problem that goes along with it.

But, if you don’t, or you need a refresher…

It’s simply a search engine strategy that combines the power
and popularity of Blogs to get the search engine spiders to visit nearly any Web
page you want…

And as you may know, getting the search engines to visit and
pick-up your Web pages can be quite a daunting task.  The technique
consists of 4 steps:

1. Build a search engine “spider trap” by
creating a free blog on (they can’t resist freshly updated
2. Grab a free account at
3. Post links to the Web pages you want spidered inside your blog.
4. Then, just call the search engine spiders to dinner by sending (or
“pinging”), with the click of a button, the blog to your MyYahoo

That should take you all of about 15 minutes to get any
Web page you want visited by the search engines and indexed, sometimes, in less
than a few hours.  But, as you can see, there’s one HUGE problem with the
“blog and ping” strategy…

Yep, 15 minutes to get only a few pages blogged and pinged
would mean you would have to sit there day and night plugging away to get any
website with many pages spidered.

And, if you have more than a few websites, forget it. 
You would spend weeks at your computer doing the same repetitive task… NOT
a realistic option, especially when you can be putting your time into the parts
of your business you enjoy… or having some extra time with your friends or

That’s why my partner and I developed a new tool to speed-up
this process and take the effort out of the “Blog and Ping”
strategy… and, in turn, created a way for you to make some well-deserved added
cash to your bank account!  You will almost immediately…

Then, in just a few days the full effects will begin to take
place with a massive increase of FREE search engine traffic to your
search-engine optimized Web pages!

It’s called Blogging Equalizer!
—  A new tool from my partner Rod Beckwith and myself, Jeff Alderson. 
You may be familiar with some of my other products, including Traffic Equalizer,
Adword Analyzer, and many other tools that increase profits and save time for
marketers, webmasters, or search engine experts like yourself!

Blogging Equalizer is an easy-to-download PC software you can
run right on your computer.  It allows you to let the computer take care of
all the work for you.

Getting more free search engine traffic to expand your bank
account couldn’t get any easier!

To get a full picture of what this new software allows you to

After you’ve opened it up, you’re ready to push the
“start” button to let your copy immediately scour and dig through any
website you want, collecting every one of your Web pages.

Then, you push another button.  The software is now
blogging and pinging all of your Web pages… calling the search engine spiders
your way.

 Now, here’s where it gets good…

A few hours later, your first Web page is indexed… then,
another and another, until, a few days later from now, your site is gushing with
new traffic and revenue.

Then, after only a few weeks, you are now part of the top
money-makers in your market… as your website floods your bank account with
cash.  You now have a little something extra to give your wife or
husband… or to get your kids the toy they’ve been bugging you for… Which

The new car you’ve been looking at, or the long-overdue
vacation are now yours… really, the sky is the limit with your copy of
Blogging Equalizer.

That’s because it allows you to take full advantage of any
website… turning new ones into instant search engine successes and
effortlessly revitalizing older sites.

Simply put, by not using your copy of Blogging Equalizer,
you’re leaving thousands of dollars on the table because your website
fails to work up to its full potential!

Worrying, waiting, and hoping your Web pages get visited by the
search engine spiders is now a thing of the past; instead, it is certain
they will come calling!

You can now get just about any Web page you want visited by the search
engines — meaning your hard work finding and putting together new content
won’t go to waste any longer!

You don’t have to keep on trying to learn the latest and greatest
search engine tricks to get the spiders to visit your Web pages… The
spiders can’t help but want to devour your fresh content!

Enjoy effortless added cash flow so you can enjoy more time to
yourself or with family and friends by turning existing Web pages,
collecting dust, into profit-producing machines!

Get an immediate return on investment with every new website you
create by getting up to thousands of your new pages visited by the spiders
within days.

If you’ve already tried doing the “blog and ping” technique the
hard way, enjoy more free time to be with your family or work on new
projects, rather than doing the same, boring repetitive task all day.

Get your Web pages indexed and flood your website with free search
engine traffic, time and time again, without costing you a single

Enjoy peace of mind because you now have a continual flow of
free search engine traffic with
many web pages pulling it in,
rather than only a few.

Get more prized search engine
rankings by effortlessly
revealing the
pages Google has indexed from
your sites.  You can then
blog and ping these pages again
so other search engines pick
them up!

Keep your identity a secret
with an advanced proxy option feature that hides
your IP address and allows you to “Blog and Ping”, while remaining totally anonymous.

Have your investment
safeguarded by automatically submitting your web pages at
random time intervals (just like you were doing all the hard-work manually,
instead of using software).

Turbo-charge the power of the
Blog and Ping technique with the
ability to submit to and
 You’re going to get
far more out of the Blog and
Ping technique than is possible
with other solutions! 

Get complete Blog and Ping
reporting to see how your
submissions went!  You
know exactly how your copy of
Blogging Equalizer performs,
even when you’re away!

Insert custom rotating anchor
text for links pointing to
your site that are likely to
increase your search engine
rankings!  Having the right
anchor text on the links
pointing to your site is vital
to getting ranked for the terms
you want!

 Make sure your blogs
are filled with interesting
content by using the option
to upload text files (articles)! 
This ensures your blogs thrive
and benefit your sites for years
to come!

And, so much more…

Side note: 
If you’re a Traffic Equalizer owner, you should know Blogging Equalizer
is an excellent companion.  With two clicks of a button, you can
instantly collect your pages from any site and then get them looked over by
the spiders for indexing!  Getting any ideas?… because we both know a
powerful strategy to making more cash from your Traffic Equalizer sites is
being able to get more of your pages indexed fast!

By now, you can
probably see, the amazing power Blogging Equalizer
gives you — It equals more cash in your
pockets and free time you can spend with
your family.

All it takes to make Blogging Equalizer work for you is a
website, search engine optimized Web pages, and enough time to open up the
software and click a few buttons (anybody can fit that into their schedule)!

Then, you, too, can dramatically improve your rankings, gain
a leg up over your competition, and stop losing out on potentially
thousands of dollars with low performing websites.

This means you simply can’t afford not to grab your
copy right away.  In fact,

Here’s what another user had to say:

Look, here’s the bottom line… if you have any type of
website with more than a few pages, then you need Blogging Equalizer.

It’s really a no-brainer… because, with a few clicks of a
button, you can know with certainty your Web pages will be visited by the search
engines as quickly as possible. 

Then, it’s just a matter of your hard work being indexed into
the search engines and flooding your website with free traffic and sales (the
best kind to have)!
If you have any kind of quality content search engines love, then…

All you’re doing is giving yourself the best possible chance
to get your web pages into the search engines so your time spent constructing
them does not go to waste… Giving you a huge chunk of profits you lose without
Blogging Equalizer.

And, you should keep in mind, if you’re doing the “Blog
and Ping” technique manually or paying someone else thousands of dollars to
do it for you, then it might take you months, or even years, to make back your
investment in time and money…

In fact, you are likely to easily make that much more money
within a few weeks.

With your copy of Blogging Equalizer, you won’t have to worry
about losing your investment…

Unlike other software products that go out of date quickly
when a more advanced one comes out, you’ll get FREE Upgrades.  This
means you will always get the latest, up-to-date version!

If a new feature comes out that boosts the value of
Blogging Equalizer, then you’ll get the new advancement without paying a single

This truly makes getting your copy an unbeatable deal.

My partner and I are so confident you’re going to love
the results you get with Blogging Equalizer… When you grab your copy TODAY,
you get our ironclad, 100% 60-day money-back guarantee! 

This means you get
to take Blogging Equalizer for an risk-free test-run!… Because if you aren’t
able to dramatically increase your website’s cash-flow and traffic, then you get
ALL of your investment handed back to you! 

You can
only gain by getting your copy now…


Here To Pay By Credit Card!

Sincerely,Jeff Alderson
Rod Beckwith

P.S. Just think… While your
competitors are wasting their time, trying to figure out the latest strategy to
getting search engines to index their pages, or doing the “Blog and
Ping” technique manually… You’ll be relaxing, hanging out with friends
and family, while Blogging Equalizer does all the hard work for you. 

P.P.S.  What makes Blogging
Equalizer worth getting is how quickly your web pages go up on all of the
major search engines.  All it takes is a matter of weeks before the full
effects of your quality pages getting indexed floods your site with traffic,
and, your bank account balance has an extra digit added at the end!  
Just pick up your copy today… because with the
60-Day Personal 100% Money-Back
guarantee there’s absolutely zero risk!

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Click here to get Blogging Equalizer | Blog and Ping Software at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Blogging Equalizer | Blog and Ping Software is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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