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I heard the knock on my door and the instant knot in my stomach told me it was terrible news…

ma’am. You are 60 days delinquent. I have to shut it off now,” the rep from the
utility company
said, avoiding my pleading gaze.

Explaining to your kids why the power is shut off isn’t easy the first time. Let me tell you, it’s excruciating the
third time.

Normally, I’d be annoyed that I just got “ma’am-ed” by a young
guy. But today, I had bigger worries.

Because for the third time in 18 months, we
were in the dark. And my kids are too smart to believe it was “just a mistake at the
power company” again.

I rang up my soon-to-be-ex and begged for
a quick loan
to get things turned back on before the kids got home from school. Then, I called my best friend Stacy to cry.

“Felicity, you know life would be so
much easier if you stopped the divorce and reconciled. Why can’t you at
least consid…”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I screamed through

I had already fought through the fears of starting over, dealt
with the
uncertain emotions my kids felt, and had proof I would be happier being out of that marriage.

Well, “happier” is relative when you are scraping by, flat broke, and getting your power shut off…

My best friend was just the most recent in a long line of people in my life telling me to go back to my ex. And telling me to give up on my crazy idea of becoming a writer and go get a “real job”.

Sure, I sarcastically reasoned. A job that will take me away from my kids 50+ hours a week. And a job that will still leave me living paycheck to paycheck. 
And stressed out.
Not to mention unfulfilled. 

I’d rather jab a burning fork in my eye or go without getting my hair done for 12 months than do either of those options. Oh wait. My hair hasn’t gotten done for 12 months. So yeah, I guess a burning fork in the eye it is.

Before I go any further, let me introduce  myself….

And you may know of me because of my best-selling relationship programs. Or my podcast. Or my articles that are published around the world.

But the story I’m telling you today is how I went from being a
broke single mom, one heartbeat away from homelessness
to an internationally- known writer making a
very handsome living.

I knew I had to pull myself up by
the bootstraps. I knew it was now on my shoulders to make
things happen in my life.

To provide for my kids.
To achieve my dreams without
anyone’s help.

Even though my ex has been reliable and generous, I could no longer lean on him now that we’d split.

And I was so prepared to light the world
on fire. Making all of my dreams come true,
living happily ever after…

I was going to show EVERYONE a woman could do it. On her own.

With a head full of plans and
outrageous dreams, I charged up the last bit on my credit card to get a
bulletin board and some craft supplies.

You see, I’d just seen the Law of Attraction movie that was all the rage.

You may remember it, it said just put up pictures on a board and watch your dreams come true!

If you aren’t familiar with vision
boards, here’s the gist:

Using a bulletin board or poster board, you select images that represent the things you want
to accomplish in life and arrange them in a collage.

It’s supposed to tap the Universe on
the shoulder and say “Hey! Make this stuff happen for this nice lady, okay?”

Sounds easy-peasy, right?

So I crafted up a storm. My board had pictures of luxury vacations, a gigundo house, an expensive
brand new car, and every fancy thing I could
dream of.

George Clooney may have been on there, too. You know, sweet revenge and all that 😉

“I’m gonna show all of them!” I thought to myself as I was cutting
up magazines like a mad woman and taping up visions of the glorious life that was about to unfold for me.

I was so excited and marveled at
my beautiful board when I finished. I rubbed my hands together in anticipation
of these amazing things that were surely coming my way.

Yet here I sat, a year later. Defeated and scared.

I glared at the vision board that now mocked

There were no fancy vacations. And George hadn’t showed up by a
long shot. Just that rep from the power company.

And he only turned me OFF!

And while I sat there in full-blown pity party mode, wanting toblame my current poverty-chic lifestyle on
some hocus-pocus movie…

I knew that wasn’t the answer. Because
I knew there was some power to vision boards.

But I hadn’t quite cracked the code on
how to REALLY make it work for me. I knew there were missing pieces. A mystery to be solved.

So, I contemplated my options…

Put my writing dreams on hold and secure
a low- paying job so I could barely make ends meet…

Go back to relying on a husband to
provide the lifestyle I wanted…

Go ALL IN on pursuing my goals and dreams.

Of course, I chose Option #3.

I had come through so much pain already
that I couldn’t let myself go anywhere but forward. Burning forks in my eye and all that jazz.

I was going to figure out how to make that stupid vision board WORK for me if it killed me in the process.

And even though I was terrified,
I clung to that small shred of confidence beating inside of me. I clung to it with white knuckles like it was my only hope.

And really, that tiny unshakeable
belief in myself is the only thing I had at the moment.

I knew I didn’t have much time.

The house payment would be due soon.
Plus, I had two growing kiddos eating me out of said house. And more never-ending bills marching their way toward me
than I cared to think about.

“Ready to really do this,
Felicity?” I snarled to myself, through gritted teeth.

I went straight to my computer and dug into my research.

I looked up every book, article, and
video I could get my hands on about effective goal setting AND the Law
of Attraction.

I crammed two journals full of notes and thought my brain was going to burst with all of the good info
I found.

Next, I got in touch with my former neighbor. She is a powerhouse business coach who works with highlysuccessful entrepreneurs.

“Sheri, can I interview you for a project I’m working on?”

We met for coffee and she divulged her top
three surefire tips she gives her rock-star business owners.

In just a few short days, I had done a mountain of research. As I
culled through my furiously scribbled notes and a-ha moments, I noticed it
still seemed like something was missing.

I had to re-watch that Law of
Attraction movie. Maybe there was something in the teachings there that
I missed the first time around.

So I dug out that dusty DVD, popped it in the machine, and settled
in to learn for the second time.

What I discovered is that while what the movie says about vision
boards has some truth to it, it leaves out HUGE and
IMPORTANT steps to actually reaching success.

It was at this point I figured out that I had solved the mystery! I had the missing puzzle

Within a few days, however, I noticed some things starting to shift in my life.

were coming my way.

I was hearing YES on my writing submissions instead of a steady chorus of NO.

Even old marketing clients were ringing me up for freelance
projects. And that money was absolutely

But it wasn’t happening big
enough or fast enough. I needed to fast-track this like
my life depended on it! Because, well, my life kind of did depend on it. I had to
keep a roof over our heads.

So I dug in and got to work on
my next vision board iteration.

And this time, I outlined my process in painstaking

I was meticulous in exactly
what images I chose and where I placed them.

I even figured out an unconventional
technique that seemed outlandish but, heck, I had nothing to lose,

At this point, things started to get really

Stuff I’d put up on my board was falling into my lap.

I met a man. No, it wasn’t George Clooney (I decided to let Amal
have him).

This man was practically made-to-order,
like something straight out of my dreams (btw, he’s now my long-term boyfriend).

Bigger writing opportunities were showing up, too. Here I was,
someone with practically no experience,
being asked to guest blog for some big names.

So I did something outrageous…

Just to see if I was on to something with
my vision board method…

I knew of a successful publisher in
my niche. I dreamed of working with him but had no way I could think of to even
meet him. Let alone work with him.

But I wrote in HUGE letters on
a piece of paper and, hands shaking, I
tacked it up on my board…


Almost in spite of my now-strengthening beliefs about the power of vision boards.

But I dutifully followed my methods and believed with my heart, despite what logic was telling me.

In the meantime, as my new relationship was blossoming, my friend Melinda rang me up.

She was perpetually single, could never seem to find a “good” guy.
Just a parade of jerks, liars, and cheaters.

Curious to see if my vision board method would work for her, I
asked her to give it a shot.

She was skeptical at first. But
I encouraged her.

“Hey, I found a great guy. And
your Mr. Right could be near, too. Don’t let someone
else snatch him up!”

A bit envious of my love life, and with new determination, she
said she’d follow my special “single lady” system.

I also reached out to my friend Candace, who had just gotten laid off. Again.

Candace seemed to float from crappy job to crappy job, never really finding her calling. Knowing she couldn’t afford to be out of work for long, I gave
her my vision board method.

“Just try it,” I urged her.

What happened over the course of the next few days was a tad unbelievable…

Melinda emailed me. The subject line read “I MET A GREAT GUY!!!”

Candace texted me, “They made me an offer! I start Monday!”

And my phone rang with the phone callthat was about to change my life…

An article I’d written was shared with
that big publisher.

Turns out, unbeknownst to me, he owned
the blog where that article was published.

He had a project he needed a writer on ASAP so he tracked me down because he liked my article so

And in a matter of a 20 minute phone call, I went from being a nobody in the relationship world to THE Felicity Keith.

I’ve never almost peed my pants as
bad as I almost did during that phone call.

Over the next several months, I went on to write several projects and watched my life do a 180 degree turn.

As success started rolling my
way, I kept updating my vision board with bigger
and better dreams. And I was delighted as things came to fruition. With ease.

Trips to tropical locations. A new car. Finally affording much-needed
updates to my home. Being able to say YES to my

And the satisfaction of paying my bills each month, not worrying about getting shut off anymore!

As more friends asked me to share my
secrets to success, I realized I needed to shout this stuff far and

Because I don’t want anyone staying in
that place of fear and frustration, where I once was.

And I had stumbled upon a system that makes achieving your dreams fail-proof.

So I put all of my tried-and-true methods into one comprehensive program that I’m so excited to
introduce to you…

Here is just a teensy sample of what you get with the Goal Digger System…

We kick off the party with some shopping and a good old fashioned

Because every great party begins
with a pre-funk, right?

I walk you through building a
rock-solid foundation for making your dreams come true. 

I’ve included my
specific supply list so you can shop it out
quickly and get started right away!

What I discovered through my years of trial and error is this is the critical first step that 99% of people skip when
creating a vision board.

And by skipping it? Well, it’s the reason that 99% of vision boards fail miserably.

Using this one critical step sets you on an absolute trajectory toward massive accomplishment.

You’ll learn the fine art of image selection and placement…

I teach you the exact method I’ve created that sends acrystal-clear message to the Universe to get EXACTLY what you desire most.

Using this method is like showing your
dreams on a magic movie screen that only your unique Wish-Granting
Genie will see.

Next, I reveal the secret sauce to the Goal Digger System. 

This one simple little trick flips the switch on your
entire vision board success rate.

This highly confidential technique is
what makes the difference between settling for ho-hum results and making
everyone you know say WOWZA at your achievements.

Most of all, YOU will be saying WOWZA.
With a tremendous perma-grin on your face.

And because I’m so excited for you to enjoyglorious success, I researched the top eight goal “cementers”. 

I went straight to the experts and cherry-picked the
eight ways to absolutely make goal achievement a cinch for you.

Just wave at everyone as you skip down
easy street, mmkay? 😉

Oh and I can’t forget my single ladies!

I’ve included the exact step-by-step process I used (and many others have used)
to practically custom-order a man from the

It’s bonkers how well this


I’ve also created some free goodies for you. Because I love giving gifts and I want to give you every bit of
assistance toward your prosperity.

These goodies could be sold as additional products but they are yours free for the takin’ today!

The first freebie you get today is my curated list of favorite affirmations called 99 Affirmations and a Wish Ain’t One.

These tidbits of manifestation muscle cover
all areas of goal-setting including money, health, and love. 

They work in
perfect conjunction with your goal cementers!

The second freebie coming your way are my Goal Digger Accelerators.

These are my top five ninja-style actions that make your vision board work overtime.

Basically, it’s like putting the Universe on speed- dial and saying in no uncertain terms, MAKE THIS HAPPEN NOW.

“Alright, Felicity, how much is all of this going tocost me?”

I think handing over the keys to making your wildest dreams come true is somewhat priceless.
However, “priceless” doesn’t compute in dollar figures.

So I asked my friends who have enjoyed the spoils of the Goal Digger System…

The ones who are now head over heels in
love, like Melinda.

The ones taking fabulous vacations,
like Stacy.

The ones who enjoy no longer worry about
making ends meet and enjoy the finer things in life.

So I’m doing something totally nutso and offering this utterly transformational program at a steal
of a price…

But then I got totally crazy, and decided what the heck.

No, I haven’t been boozin’ it up. I just really want to make this accessible
to as many women as possible.

ESPECIALLY the ones who remind me of myself a few years back. 

Because lord knows, I needed this
exact program to dig myself out of financial hell.

And now I get to offer it to you.

Now I know, for some of you watching this, that might seem liketoo high of a price.

I get it. I was there myself where every
dime I had was already spoken for.

And sure, you can ignore this and continue
to be frustrated living paycheck to paycheck…feeling like you are on a never-ending
hamster wheel of bills, obligations…and knowing there is more to life than
what you are currently enjoying.

You may even feel a bit GUILTY at
spending any money on yourself. Even if you aren’t flat broke.

But think of it this way…you owe it
to yourself to enjoy as much reward and abundance as possible.

The more you are able to enjoy life – and I mean REALLY ENJOY life – the brighter your light

You will have more to give back to

Your stress level will decrease, literally
prolonging your life.

You will have more patience with your kids and loved ones. Because
you will have more TIME and presence of MIND to
devote to them.

So in a weird way, by not purchasing the Goal
Digger System and not putting these methods to work for you, you are
kind of robbing everyone you love from a
better experience in this thing called life.

You are robbing them, and you, of your
happiness and best self.

Plus, let me tell you, the shoes and vacations are So. Much. Better. on this side of things. You even have better hair days.

And I’ve taken all of the risk out ofthis for you.

If you purchase the Goal Digger System and you aren’t 100% satisfied, you can simply request a refund with a
click of a button.

I will even let you try it out for 60 days to make
sure you like it. And if you aren’t satisfied, you can get a 100% refund.

Say YES to your dreams and click that little buy now button below.

Your Goal Digger System and free gifts will be delivered as digital PDFs ina matter of moments, right to your inbox.

Just like bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, lovely!

You can get started living the life you were meant to have today.

Make this year your BEST EVER!

Click Buy Now below and let’s get this party, started. I can’t wait to see all that
you achieve!

Click here to get The Goal Digger System at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The Goal Digger System is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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