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At 17, he
started trading with his father’s account and made thousands of dollars.

At 20, he was
recruited by BMO Financial, one of Canada’s largest megabanks, where he became
one of the youngest stockbrokers in the company’s history. In
his first year, he ranked as the third-best stockbroker in Canada.

Hey, I’m Jonathan Bouchard aka Homerun.

If you’ve been following the
stock market trading world, you’ve probably heard of me.

It is true that my trading journey
began when I was 17, something many people considered to be a crazy move.

“too young to understand
economics”, “not enough experience”, or “no chance in the markets” – were
just some of many unsolicited lectures I’ve listened to in the past.

But here’s the thing: age is just a
number. What really matters in trading is having the right knowledge, skills and
strategies to succeed!

And that’s exactly what I had. I had spent days
and nights studying the markets, analyzing trends, and developing my own unique trading methods. It didn’t
take too long before I knew how to spot opportunities, manage risk, and make profitable trades.

Fast forward and despite my age, I was able to
gain that one thing so many people yearn for – financial freedom.

So, I turned a small investment
into a sizeable nest egg in just a few short years, and I’ve been able to maintain that success
ever since. But what’s my secret?

Before I dive in, let me just assure you that
one’s never too young or too old to enter the trading world. And one doesn’t have to be
formally educated to be good at it.

Take me as an example. So far, I only went to
colleges to teach others about my methods, but never went there to be taught
about something.

That being said, you’re not too early nor too
late to get started. With the right guidance and the right approach, anyone can succeed
in the markets. And I’ll show you how.

My proven trading methods have worked for me and
thousands of my students, both past and present. And I’m confident that they will
work for you too.

If you’re ready to take your trading to the
next level, let’s get started today.

Let me be outright clear: trading is
not easy.

There’s a reason why so many people struggle to
make consistent profits in the markets.

Success in trading demands a trifecta
of:(1) expertise,(2) proficiency,(3) unwavering mental resilience 

You can say it’s a combination of
knowledge, skill and grit that sets apart the best few from the rest.

And trust me when I say that I’m familiar with
the trials and tribulations of trading – the relentless ups and downs. Yes, I’ve been through it all:
the bad investments, the sleepless nights, the constant stress and anxiety. There were
times when I wondered if it’s even worth it.

Those difficult moments were crucial to my
development as a trader. I learned from my mistakes, refined my
strategies, and developed the mental toughness to succeed in even the toughest market conditions.

And that’s what set me apart. I’m not
just someone who stumbled into success by chance. I’ve earned my place at the top through years
of hard work and perseverance.

But more importantly, now I’m here to
help you avoid those same challenges and hurdles. With my proven methods and strategies,
you can skip the trial and error that I had to endure and jump straight into success.

So don’t let fear of failure or the challenges
of trading hold you back. With my guidance, you can overcome those obstacles and
achieve the success you deserve.

I suppose you heard the saying: 

“A smart person learns from his
mistakes, but a truly wise person learns from the mistakes of others.”

Everyone calls me smart for coming up with
these strategies, and you’ll be called wise if you just start implementing them without spending
your precious money and time like I did.

To paint a picture, think of your learning
curve like this:

If I managed to do all of these things in such
a short time – coming up and honing these strategies – just imagine what’s possible for you when you have
them perfected and ready to use from the beginning.

You’ll have a five-year head
start on your trading journey!

In the next few minutes I’ll prove to you that
the Homerun Trading Mastery is THE ONLY trading system that you’ll need to achieve
financial success.

The methods and strategies I teach there are
all designed for profitability and time-efficiency, but also for:

• Consistency: to generate consistent profits
over time so you can build your wealth steadily and reliably.• Simplicity: I believe in keeping things simple, which is why
this system is easy to understand and implement, even for beginners.• Versatility: the system works across different markets and
asset classes, so you can use it to trade stocks, forex, commodities, and more.• Risk management: I prioritize risk management in my system to
minimize losses and protect your capital, so you can trade with confidence.• Adaptability: it is adaptable to changing market conditions and
can evolve over time to stay effective, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Once you’ve mastered the same methods I use,
you will spend less time trading and making money than most people spend watching

I get it. There are a lot of talented traders
out there with their own strategies, but most of them simply can’t keep up with the volatility and
unpredictability of today’s economic landscape. They haven’t been trained for that kind of
economic resilience.

That’s why I’ve developed a trading system
that’s designed to outperform and outlast any other strategy in the game.

The methods I share are based on evergreen
principles that have been tested, refined, and are proven to stand the test of time. I
don’t rely (nor want you to do that either) on outdated strategies that simply don’t work in today’s
market. Instead, I use a unique approach that allows me to navigate the twists and turns of the stock
market with ease, no matter what’s happening in the world (eg. wars, viruses, and
whatnot). Evidence to this claim is the fact that I crushed my very 129M record during the

My methods, tools, and tips
are available to everyone!

Regardless of your experience level or
financial situation. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, the Homerun
Trading Mastery system can help you make the most of your investments and achieve your
financial goals.

And even though the game has changed, with my
proven strategies you can stay ahead of the curve, trade confidently and make money in
today’s challenging market.

If by now you think that I’m too much of a
know-it-all for your taste, that’s fine.

My confidence is something that I’ve built up
with the results I created. And don’t confuse confidence with ego. Ego could be your
worst enemy in trading. But more on that in my mentorship.

What I want to tell you is that I’m confident
only because I’ve experienced the results myself and because I’ve helped over 20k others from all
around the world improve their financial situation. 

I like to believe that my passion for
trading is addictive, that people latch on and just can’t stop once they start using my
methods. And why wouldn’t they – my methods work!

But a funny thing about me is that on the web,
I’m rather anonymous.

Yet it’s true. Jonathan is just another name in
a registrar.

Take my Instagram page as an example. It is
about 50k people strong, yet most of my followers don’t even know the person behind the
handle. Still, here they are.

Why do you think that is? Why are they
following me?

The global financial market has always
been volatile and unpredictable. If we go way back in time we’ll discover details about:

the Great Depression
in 1929

the 1987 October stock
market crash

the 2001 dotcom bubble

the 2008 financial

But one of the most recently felt
financial crisis came in the beginning of 2020, with the COVID-19 outbreak. Even today, we feel
its repercussions in the financial realm.

It is global threats like these that
have shown how quickly the market can crash, affecting people’s assets and livelihoods within
days. They are a stark reminder of how important it is to understand the
market and how it operates.

As a trader you need to be equipped
with the right knowledge and tools to navigate through volatile times.

That’s why I have created
the Homerun Trading Mastery, a trading system that teaches you
how to identify opportunities and minimize risks; bulletproof even during the hardest of times.

With my mentorship, you’ll learn how
to stay ahead of the game and make informed decisions that will lead to financial success. Because
let’s face it, I made 129M despite the pandemic.

In the following paragraphs I’d like you to pay
close attention to what I have to say, because I’m going to reveal the truth about the stock
market that most traders don’t even know.

You see, the market is rigged
against individual traders like us.

The “Big Guys” are doing their
best to manipulate the market enough to send signals that lure you into FOMO-like thinking.

What do you gain from that?

Well, the bandwagon effect incentivizes
mob-like behavior.

For example, you hear about an
automation software and think “well that’s it, that will make me money”, forgetting about
the algorithms at hand that not only avoid real-time calculations, but also suffer from:

lack of adaptability: automated trading tools
are designed to follow a specific set of rules they may not be able to adapt to sudden
changes in the market. This leads to missed opportunities and, what’s worse, bad
performance.2. technical issues: like any
software, trading automation tools experience technical issues, such as crashes or bugs,
which can disrupt your trading and even result in huge
losses.3. over-reliance:
relying too heavily on automation tools can lead to a lack of engagement and understanding of the
market, eventually leading to poor decision-making when the tool is not performing
optimally.4. complexity: unless
you’re a software engineer, automated trading tools can be complex to set up and operate effectively,
requiring a significant amount of technical knowledge and expertise.

And yet we still witness millions of
beginners getting roped into these “get-rich quick” schemes that promise them
the “next big thing”, luring them with fancy names and abbreviations that sound cool.

It takes mere minutes to see right through
those empty promises.

If these automations were so efficient, why
are megabanks still hiring traders like myself to handle billions of
dollars for them?

Why wouldn’t they just give money to some AI
and save money, while also earning way more way faster?

I could go on and on about this topic.

But I’d rather show you the way to
consistent profits while helping you stop wasting time and money on
useless shiny objects.

By now you understand that the system is

So, it’s Us against the Big Players.

Disclaimer: This
is no Robin Hood activity where we’ll engage in taking away from the rich and helping the poor.
The Big Players always win. That is a fact. What I teach in my
mentorship is to look at their cake and start taking slices (not crumbs) from them.

Guilty as charged: I worked for the big players.

Under my name, I had well over 1.5B in trades
there. That’s equivalent to the combined GDP of 5 countries in Central America.

Being part of such a large institution I learned
one term that my white collar colleagues used for traders like us. Are you ready to be

Sooooo… What you and I call Traders, they
call Dumb Money, while at the same time referring to themselves as Smart

Honestly speaking they are not far from wrong.

Though it does sound insulting, they’re

– individual investors and traders
who lack the resources and expertise of institutional investors. Often seen as being emotional
and prone to making impulsive investment decisions based on short-term market trends and

– large institutional investors,
hedge funds, and other professional investors who have significant resources and expertise at
their disposal to analyze and interpret market data. Often seen as having a better understanding
of market trends and are able to make more informed investment decisions.

Regular traders always get screwed because of
activities done by “Smart Money”.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Not
anymore! In my mentorship program I will teach you:

I’m not blowing smoke here. I’ll literally
teach you the EXACT things I’ve done while I worked for smart money. Most of it
CAN’T be found online.

But before I do that, let me debunk some things
for you.

Let’s start with

Some of the most popular tools
out there, believe it or not, are promoted by institutions so Dumb Money would use them.

Do you think institutions are using these

To think that institutional traders are using
the same tools they advertise to Dumb Money is, to say the least, gullible.

Yes, they use many different tools, but
definitely not automation softwares. The reason for not using those I’ve outlined

The tools they use are kept super
secret. But the mystery is not so much about what tools they use, but
how they use them.

I’ll open up that toolset for
you and demystify everything about it!

“Well Jonathan, I’m already a
trader and I don’t think your mentorship can expand on what I already know”

Both beginners and full-time
traders took my mentorship; all of them found something interesting and new to utilize on their portfolio.

Many full-time traders even saying how they had
to unlearn what they “knew” before.

Now I’m not claiming that what you’re doing
right now isn’t good or good enough.

But I know that the methods and strategies I
used and still use to generate hundreds of millions within a quarter are nowhere else to be
found. And that’s something you can ask anyone in my community.

Here’s a screenshot of my curriculum with only
the Intro section outlined:

This is just a sneak peek into
what awaits you. The rest is available once you join our team.

Bear in mind that most of the stuff I teach is
not available on the Internet.

Not to mention the unique
aspects that I came up with.

All of them are in this mentorship program of
mine, available to a chosen few…

You’re right. There must be something I didn’t

Like everyone else, I too have only 24h per day
at my disposal. That means that I can only handle so much.

I trade, I teach, and I also like to live my

That being said, my mentorship has to stay
limited to a certain number of students.

By keeping the class size small, I can provide
personalized guidance that includes:- answering questions,- offering feedback,- and
ensuring a complete understanding of the material.

The stock market is not a playing field – at
least not until you start loving it and become good at it.

By enrolling in my Trading
Mastery program, you’ll gain the guidance needed to succeed in the
market and achieve your financial goals.

Right now I’m offering different
packages to supply different needs

The place where I’ll teach my students
how to become profitable with trading and without a college degree. If I did it, you can
do it too.

If you’re a beginner, don’t worry, we gradually
increase the complexity of the lessons and you will fully understand the mentorship. This
program is perfect for you whether you are a complete beginner or an expert. I will
literally hold your hand towards the path of financial freedom.

The best part about this program is that most
of my students work or go to school full-time. What’s even more astonishing; thousands of
my students have quit their jobs and are trading full-time because of the big profits they make.

Good news. No degree or prior knowledge needed
to enroll in this mentorship program.

*No hidden costs. The price displayed above
is a one-time fee.

Get started and achieve the financial
freedom you’ve dreamt of.

Jonathan’s Homerun Stock Exchange
Mentorship Program has been watched and implements by over 20,000 traders around the
world with a 98% satisfaction rate.

Are you ready to be the next success
story that will inspire others to do the same?

Here we’ll start with the basics and build our
way up to the more advanced strategies to trade Options. This mentorship is recommended after taking the
stock mentorship program, or if you already have experience in the stock market.

In Module 1 we start things
smoothly, we learn the basics in options, such as: what is an option, where are they traded, how to choose
the right option, etc.

In Module 2 you will learn
more advanced stuff, such as the options delta, how to pick the right options, how to choose the
appropriate strike price, etc.

And finally, in Module 3, you
will learn the 3 strategies that I used while I was trading for institutions and trading companies,
including my own personal strategy: the Homerun strategy, an income generation strategy
and the capital appreciation strategy.

Trading Options is the fastest way to big
money. If you know how to do it right!

The price displayed above is a discounted
rate. There are no guarantees that this price will remain on discount.

Do options the right way with
Jonathan’s Homerun Options Trading Course.

Lauded by thousands of students as a
game-changer in day trading activities.

Are you ready to dip your feet in

After all of the seats are taken, the courses
will be taken off the face of the Internet. Forever.

Remember, those are hot tips traders have been
paying me TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to learn.

Of course on one-on-one calls.

But one thing is for sure: The value of the
mentorship program is undeniable.

matter which program you enroll in, you will get access to my Weekly Market
Recap, where we discuss and analyze the market TOGETHER. 

And you’re probably right to think this way.
However, I’m not after the money. I’ve accumulated enough to consider never working again.

And that’s the point of work. To make
enough money to live life to its fullest. Right?

The same doesn’t apply for knowledge, though.

I believe in the principle of Giving
Back. And who could be a better candidate than fellow traders?

My knowledge isn’t limited to traders though.
I’ve had students who were bartenders, office clerks, nurses, plumbers, even C-level
executives who wanted to add spice to their daily lives.

All of them had one thing in common – the urge
to understand markets and profit off of them.

That is why I’m making this mentorship
program accessible to everyone. The main reason I did this is because of one of my
friends from a less-developed country – Jakov.

Jakov spent a semester as an exchange student
with me, here in Montreal.

With all the great character traits and brains
Jakov has, I could easily foresee him becoming a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, to say the
least. However, Jakov’s mindset was a mix of determination and doubt.

The latter being forced onto
him by his environment.

Whenever we spoke about opportunities,
his dreams would disappear as fast as they occurred. On one occasion we spotted a trading
course sold by a “guru” for 6,999. It didn’t take Jakov too long to do the math.

“I can’t possibly afford this. In my country,
I’d have to work a full year to dream of purchasing it.”

‘til this day I remember the agony I felt when
he said that.

I realized how fortunate I
was, compared to him and millions of others around the world. 

That is why today I’m advocating for an
even playing field.

I’d be a hypocrite if I were to deprive so many
bright minds of an opportunity to capitalize on their intellect.

As a matter of fact, to everyone ordering
before the end of TODAY, I’ll give an extra 10% discount as a token of good faith.

After all, people who are willing to
invest in knowledge should be met halfway.

“I thought I already knew
everything about day trading but this course changed everything. I learned foundations,
strategy, and much more. This program changed the way I trade and I definitely feel
stronger in my positions. For the first time, I feel like I can achieve financial
independence and there is no greater feeling. Everyone regardless of level should take
this course.”

– Arushi Gupta

The below-listed programs are
currently up for grabs:

100+ lessons and
insider trading tools

fundamental research to identify moneymaking opportunities

Understanding market
dynamics, market cycles, and the impact of economic factors

Exploring advanced
options strategies for every marketing scenario

Bulletproof low-risk
high-reward Homerun strategies

Utilizing options to
profit from market volatility and directional movements

And of course, if by any chance (which
is around 0%) you are unsatisfied with the material that isn’t available anywhere else in the
whole world, feel free to ask for a refund within 60 days.

Although when you internalize these strategies
and start seeing your bank balance go up and your wallet fatter you won’t even think of
taking one.

That is why my satisfaction record is
100%, meaning no one has EVER asked me for a refund (yet).

One of the reasons being that I’m always there for my

Your training shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

That’s why our pricing has been adapted to suit
any pocket size.

Founder of Homerun Trading

Insecurity haunts us
all at times.

But for me, it was the moment I
decided to call myself a winner – the moment I made up my mind about
how to beat the system and make the most of it…

So if you are ready to live the
lifestyle that will have friends and family wonder how it’s been achieved…

If you are ready to be
financially free…

And if you are ready to learn
how the biggest players in the world trade…

Enroll now and grab one of the
limited seats for my trading mentorship.

I can’t wait to hear and share
YOUR success story!

Masterclass: Immerse yourself in over 8 hours of exclusive insider
material, designed to equip you with the skills and strategies needed to excel as a
trader. With instantly applicable content, comprehensive guides, PDFs, and hands-on
assignments, you’ll fast-track your journey to becoming a confident and profitable

Exclusive Discord Server
Access: Gain access to our exclusive Discord server, where you’ll
join a community of highly driven individuals on the path to trading
success. Engage in dynamic discussions, participate in weekly Q&A sessions
with myself and other industry experts, and receive valuable trade signals and

Insider Tips & Pro
Tools: The Homerun Trading Mastery provides you with in-demand
insider tips and professional-grade tools. Discover secret techniques and
strategies that only seasoned traders know, giving you a competitive edge in the
market. Gain access to cutting-edge software and resources, empowering you to make informed
decisions and maximize your profit potential.

From Beginner to
Expert: Transform yourself from trading Novice to Expert. Learn to
identify lucrative opportunities with precision and finesse, positioning
yourself as the go-to authority among your peers. Witness your circle turning to you for
guidance on money-making opportunities, as you become a trusted source of financial

Great experience! High knowledge from
Jo (teacher) always available for your questions. Everyone should take that course

Jonathan is a top notch instructor.
He knows what he’s doing and takes the time with his students to make sure they understand the
material. More than that he is great at following up with all questions. Highly recommended!

Hi everyone, my name is Mario, from
Bolivia, one of the most difficult countries for investing your capital. For almost 5 years I
was trying to find a good mentorship in Trading knowledge but only found scammers, overrated and
expensive courses. In 2021, my life completely changed thanks to Jonathan and his stock
mentorship. 10/10 course and recently I have used these amazing tools in my portfolio, a 3.5k
gain in almost a week.

Whether you have experience investing
or are thinking about investing, I highly recommend Jonathan’s course. From fundamental and
technical analysis to stock market engineering, Jon gives you the tools and strategies to make
confident and profitable investment decisions while managing risk. In the last 2 months my
portfolio has grown 228% and this is just the start. I am currently enrolled in Jon’s Options
Trading course and will continue to use Jonathan as my education resource for my future
investments. The course has returned in value over 250x my initial investment. I am grateful for
Jon and the information I have learned. It is the single best investment I have made for my
financial future. I recommend you do the same!

I understand the importance of making
informed decisions when it comes to trading. And I believe that every aspiring trader deserves the
opportunity to gain valuable experience and see tangible results in their attempts.

That is why my Trading Mentorship Program and
the techniques it imparts have been meticulously designed to empower traders with the knowledge and
tools needed to make calculated and informed guesses. And since my name stands for smart financial
decisions, opting for my mentorship program is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.

Please note that to qualify for the money
back guarantee, we require proof of completion of the course, including any assignments or
assessments. We want to ensure that you have given yourself the best chance to succeed by fully
engaging in the learning process.

To learn from one of the few legit
traders with a track record; someone who’s got tested and proven trading strategies. Not to
mention that we’re one of the few student-centric programs that take the time to guide our
students until they are profitable.

The Stock Exchange is
where you trade stocks like Apple and Microsoft, while the Options market is
where you get leveraged position on any of your favourite stocks, which means increased returns
but more risk. If you are a complete beginner, you should pick
the stock exchange, and if you are already familiar with the stock
market, you should pick options trading.

Here’s a small list of what’s included
in the mentorship:

All of our courses are suited
for beginners. Most of our students are college students, as well as people working
9-5, I’m proud to say that a lot of them have been able to quit their jobs and earn their
living by trading full-time.

No experience is
needed at all. We gradually increase the complexity of the lessons to have a smooth and efficient

By purchasing our mentorship, you also
gain access to our private investors group, where all of us share trades and opinions about the
market state. You will get 24/7 support and one live session of Market Discussion per week.

You can check the verified
reviews and the thousands of past students who benefited from the
mentorship. My reputation is the most important thing and I would never sell a bad mentorship or
something that I’m not sure will add at least 10x the value.

The Mentorship has been designed to be
self-paced, which means that it’s been optimized for learning and retention on
your terms. However, for those speed learners out there, it takes approximately 12 hours to finish
the mentorship and work on becoming a pro trader. Additionally, you will benefit from a lifetime
support through our private investors group and stay up-to-date on all things concerning
profitable trades.

You will be taught to master the
The Homerun Strategy, a trading strategy that was invented and perfected by Jonathan
Bouchard while trading for different major financial institutions. The strategy
works on any timeframe, meaning that you can do it 10 times a day or once a week, and it doesn’t
require you to be in front of your device all the time.

You can ask questions at any time in
the private investors group, where Jonathan is active 24/7.

Students Who Enrolled In The Mentorship

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